Happy 55th Mom!


I think you will be able to tell that I get my love of working out from my mom!  She wanted to celebrate her 55th birthday with a lot of working out!

She started with biking 5 miles to the park…

IMG_2713Then we ran 5 miles…

IMG_2711Biked 5 miles…

IMG_2716Ran 5 more miles…

IMG_2729Swam 5 laps…

IMG_2736AND then 5 more!

I absolutely love how many people joined in!  Even Denny, Ellie, and little Jayce in the stroller! Plus, everyone at the park wished her a happy birthday!

As if that wasn’t enough… it’s my dad’s HALF birthday today… so he did half of her workout!  (Then played on the playground with the kiddos!)


Perfect way to celebrate a birthday!! Now, time for a pizza party… at 5:50!


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