Finding balance to be the best I can be

I constantly read about getting the right balance of exercise and nutrition. I love to eat healthy and I think I do most of the time. I also love a sweet treat every once in a while and I have it! I don’t want to feel guilty about it. I know I have a good balance going. (Plus, we know the 80:20 rule… what goes into your mouth accounts for 80% of how you look!) I also want my kids to see that I eat a variety of healthy foods (and unhealthy foods, some of the time)! However, there is much more than food that I try to balance on a daily basis.

11201166_10101529393764662_8406366058289373208_n(1)I try to find the right amount of time to spend with my kids. I don’t actually mean time I’m with them, but more importantly, quality time. (I think this is called mom guilt…) yes, when I’m with them I make food (constantly), do laundry, vacuum the floor, sneak in a DVD workout, and look at my phone, just to name a few! The quality time I’m talking about is reading a book, playing peek-a-boo, fighting like a ninja (haha.. they are slightly obsessed with the Ninja Turtles), or making a craft.

image1I try to find the right amount of time for myself. When I get any time for myself I usually run (literally) as fast as I can out the door and onto the road! I don’t want to be JUST a runner though. I’ve always considered myself an “all-around” when it comes to sports and working out. I like to throw in a bike, swim, interval, and lifting workout! I love to play tennis, pass a soccer ball, or start a family softball game! I don’t really make time to go shopping, read for fun, or make my hair look nice (it’s way to humid to attempt it right now anyway)!

image2The list goes on and on about finding balance. I make an effort to spend enough time with my husband, extended family, and friends. I struggle with not worrying too much about every little thing, but just doing something positive about my worries and concerns! I keep striving to be better, even though I know I will never be perfect, I hope to always improve and be the best I can be!


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