It’s better together

IMG_6510I frequently exercise alone and I like it a lot!  I usually listen to my favorite music and get lost in my thoughts. Sometimes I think about a funny thing that happened recently or plan out my day. I don’t get very much alone time.  My head is often crowded with mom thoughts (or worries)! Plus, I have two big chatter-bugs named Denny and Ellie that are always there to talk! (I think they just love to hear their own voices!)2015-05-30_1433000136When I’m not working out alone I’m with family and friends. These are some of my favorite workouts, mostly because we always have fun! Like the time my husband and I were running so fast to try to beat an incoming storm! If I were by myself, that would not have been nearly as fun!

2015-05-16_1431785444When I need to catch up with friends (like we haven’t talked in a month!) I would much rather go for a run and talk for an hour then go out to dinner, go shopping, or chat on the phone! I feel like I am getting so many things done at once! My running friends know this too and that’s why they offered to celebrate my birthday with a good run and ice cream!

2015-07-18_1437185838It is a good time to catch up on each others lives plus get in a good workout.  I have some of my fastest times running with others!  Also, it is so much easier to actually talk and get into deep conversations… it is seriously better than therapy!  I feel like I am closest to my running friends because of this.

2015-05-24_1432495183Not all workouts are good for talking though. For example, it’s impossible to talk while swimming or while listening to a DVD workout, but sometimes it’s still better with people there! It’s easier to keep each other motivated and make sure we do our best! My sister and I race for our speed workouts in the pool.  (She won 6 out of 7 last week…talk about a good workout!) 2015-07-25_1437851275While doing a DVD workout with my mom I always squat as low as I can and jump high on the burpees! It gives me that push to do my best!  After the workout it is great to talk about it.  I can talk about the workout I do with anyone, but if someone is there and doing it with me… they totally get it!  That’s the best!

2015-05-22_1432333702Another cool thing is working out alone but then sharing it with a group afterwards.  This is the best of both worlds: I am alone with my thoughts and I can share with others!  As a Beachbody Coach, I have created my own Running Focus Group and also participated in Challenge Groups that give motivation and a chance to share the highs and lows in everyday workouts. I actually feel like I’m not working out alone because I am still part of a group!  I know I’m going to be sharing if I had a good or bad workout and I would much rather share a good one, so I always do my best!

groupI think this is a huge factor in my current workout success.  I am continually improving and bettering myself!  What could be better?


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