North Park Triathlon

Ok, I’ll admit that today I thought, “Why am I waking up before 5am?  Why am I getting into cold water at 7am?  Why am I going scary fast on the bike?  Why am I running when my legs are tired?”  Once I got these negative thoughts out of my head… I had the best day, felt great, and I already want to do it again!


I have done this same triathlon in high school, college, after one baby, after two babies, and now after three babies!  I am so happy to say that today, 3 babies later, I got my PR time of 1:18:27!  That is almost 9 minutes faster than the last time I did it, two years ago!  I got first in my age group… I am liking my new age more and more! (proudly sporting age “30” on my leg!) I was 6th woman overall and 31st out of 230 finishers.
Everything went really well for me today.  I was out of breath pretty much the entire race, but I still felt great!  I ended up swimming faster than all of my practice times.  My actual swim (not including transition) for 700 meters was 12:55.


Then I transitioned from the swim and started biking at 15:24.


I felt great on the bike and tried to really push it!  My bike time was 39:44 (including transition) for 12.5 miles.IMG_1444

After biking, I was about to start my run and my current favorite song (Fight Song) came on the loudspeakers!  I really don’t know if I’ve ever been more pumped… My legs didn’t even feel like I had just biked!  Haha… and my run went great!


I felt strong with a time of 23:20.  I’ve done this Tri a handful of times but I’ve NEVER felt good on the run until now!  It also helped that I passed a bunch of people on the trail!  IMG_1482

I love it when my husband and kids can come to watch!  And when some of my family does the race too!  My sister and brother got age group awards also!



I know I say this a lot but I am so much stronger now!  This is the first time in my life that I am consistently lifting (my DVD workouts) and it shows!  Being stronger is awesome… I feel great while doing really hard things!



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