Buffalo Creek Half Marathon 2015

I LOVE this Half Marathon!  First of all, Fall is the best time to run because it’s cool!  Second, this course is on a trail and the leaves are beautiful!  And lastly, because it is not too far from home (so much easier for a mom to do local races!) and a lot of my family members usually run it too!  The ones who didn’t run it watched my little ones!  So thankful for them and Denny even got to go to his soccer game with Poppy!

It is a point to point race (Oh, I love that about it too!)  So they bus you from your car to the start and then from the finish back to your car.  Love that we got to run this together (that doesn’t happen too often)!

FullSizeRenderEverything runs so smoothly even with 800+ people!  It was a very cold start!  We were so ready to run after our bus ride and after we threw away some clothes!

IMG_8914We all warmed up fast once we started running!

IMG_9650The time flew by!  We all ended up having awesome races!  My mom and brother crushed their times! Nate PR’d by almost 5 minutes with a time of 1:24:50!  My time was 1:35:57.  I PR’d by 6 minutes and 46 seconds!!!!  There were 768 finishers this year.   Nate was 13th overall!  I was 14th overall female out of 435.  Most importantly, we all felt great!

IMG_2720I am so thankful I am stronger than ever.  This race came EASY to me.  I used to try just as much as I do now and run a lot slower, plus not feel as good!  I am looking forward to continuing to improve at running and get even stronger!  I plan to continue PIYO and mix in some Body Beast workouts in addition to running.


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