I Absolutely LOVE being in pain!

It’s true… I love to be in pain!  But before you tell everyone that I’ve lost my mind, let me explain the different types of pain I’m talking about.

To me, there’s “Good Pain” and there’s “Bad Pain.”

The simplest way to describe the two is this:
Sore muscles = GOOD!
Pain in joints and bones = BAD!

You’ve all heard phrases like “No pain, no gain” or “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”  Well, those are 100% true!  You need to feel a little “good” pain to get stronger…and the stronger you become, the less you will have to deal with “bad” pain.

You know that part of your workout when you want to quit?  It’s right about then that things start to get good!  And… if you keep going you will feel awesome afterwards!  I LOVE the feeling!


Being sore is great for a lot of reasons.  I know for a fact that I sleep better after a hard workout and in turn I have more energy the next day.  Sure, sometimes it can be hard to get moving when I first wake up, but a couple minutes of stretching can go a long way!

I also know that sore muscles become stronger muscles, and strong muscles support joints.  I used to get injured easily and even when I was completely healthy I would fear getting an injury.  I was afraid to push too hard because it would probably just end up with me out completely.  Now, I am so much stronger and an injury is a lot less likely!

So the next time you dread a tough workout, think about the lasting effects!  I guarantee that the more “Good” pain you have in your life, the less you will have to deal with the “Bad” pain!


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