Gobblers Gallop 10K & 5K races!

I LOVE Thanksgiving!  My favorite way to enjoy the day is to start by running (obviously!)… so a race is perfect!  Now, I’m always up for a good deal and if you signed up for one race you could pay just $3 more and do both!  So that is what I did!  We had PERFECT weather… it was about 46 degrees and partly sunny!

My dad, sister, and I ran the 10K.  IMG_8883 (1)I felt great the entire way and ended with a time of 42:55!  This is an average of 6:55 per mile pace.  I ended up getting second place overall!  It is also a PR!!!!  My competitive-ness took over and I thought I would be able to get first but was 20 seconds behind.  IMG_8886 (2)

After finishing the 10K I had about 30 minutes until the 5K started.  I changed my shirt and number and tried to stay loose!  My brother, Joe, did the 5K too and won it with a time of 17:09!  IMG_8915When I was waiting at the starting line I did not know if I would be able to run it fast, but ended up doing pretty well with a time of 22:22.  I was also first in my age group!  IMG_8929


I really think my turkey feathers helped me run faster!  Did I ever mention my husband is the best?!  He made my headband with some leftover scraps we had in less than 10 minutes last night!  IMG_8933

After the race, my mom made the most delicious (and still healthy) Thanksgiving dinner!  (And she also got a 9 mile run in by herself!)  Here’s my three turkeys AFTER their bellies are full!  🙂  IMG_8949

So much to be thankful for this year and every year!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you too!!


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