Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Shakeology

It’s Christmas time and we are on the go!  This time of year we are busy and there are a lot of food temptations!  Did you know my mom makes ALL of my favorite cookies?!  Haha!

Well, Shakeology not only fills me up but it is packed with superfoods that I would never be able to eat all on my own!  It tastes like a delicious treat and I don’t feel like I need to eat unhealthy junk food!

This Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Shake is delicious!  Even that little Ninja Turtle girl loves it! 🙂   IMG_0520.JPG

Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie


  • 1 scoop chocolate Shakeology
  • 1/2 cup cooked oatmeal that is cooled (you can make the oatmeal with water or your choice of milk)
  • 1/2 cup nonfat plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 cup water
  • ice to taste

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Hammer and Chisel- Week 3

I am sure that doing what you love, even if it is hard, is possible!  We make time for what we want, right?!  This week ended on Christmas Eve (which is also my little Ellie’s 4th birthday)!  So imagine Christmas baking plus birthday cake!  Shakeology is the only thing that saves me!  This Merry Strawberry shake is delicious!  me.jpgI took it easier (running wise) this week.  We all need a little break sometimes!  I was definitely feeling the double workouts!  However, when I did run… they were great runs!   Running Week3.pngWhen you are super busy getting ready for Christmas and still taking care of 3 little ones… it’s tough!  I wouldn’t change a thing though!  So when my mom offered to watch the kids for a few hours we made good use of our time!  First we did our last minute shopping and then we went for a hard run!  We ran 5 miles at 7:40 pace while still talking! 🙂  IMG_1684.jpeg

Also, how awesome is it that on Christmas Eve I ran in shorts and a t-shirt with the baby!  Now, I do not love the stroller but he was happy to get out (he loves the stroller)!  And… the big kids got to do Ellie’s new birthday legos! IMG_7125.jpeg

Plus, I’m so excited that it is easier for me to run with the stroller now!  Yes, I am already noticing a difference in my upper body strength!  My arms are looking better too!

Now here is my meal plan for this week!  I am ready for a great week (and a lot less Christmas cookies)!Meal Plan4.pngI can’t wait until I have the extra motivation from my next Challenge Group!  If think you would like the workouts or shakeology then I would love for you to join!  Fill out the info below to help me find what is best for you!




Merry Strawberry!

It is safe to say I feel VERY Christmasy!  I definitely got good use out of my Christmas clothes this year!  I am going to miss wearing this all year!

So, I came up with this shake by using my inner Christmas joy! 😉  It is delicious!  I have a feeling unlike my elf shirt… I will have this shake all year!   IMG_2711.jpeg

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Hammer and Chisel- Week 2

Thank goodness this came JUST in time for Nate’s birthday!  And I know you’re probably thinking… who is this present really for?!  Haha!  Trust me… it is for both of us!  Even though I am DONE with week 2 and Nate is just about to join me (running 31 miles for your birthday is pretty amazing and a good excuse)!  IMG_9442 (1).jpg

I am ON TRACK and loving that I put the extra time into writing out my meal plan!  It is worth it… I am saving money by having the right ingredients and eating a lot of healthy foods!  If you haven’t tried meal planning… you need to!  Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 8.27.02 PM.png

My running was pretty awesome (for me!) this week!  Although running is not necessary with Hammer and Chisel… I feel this program was made for runners!  I love that I can do both!  Here are the workouts this week:Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.56.15 PM.pngEven though I’m not training for anything in particular… I felt like I wanted to push it some days this week!  My goal in life = keep improving.  When I have a good workout I know I’m improving.  Working out not only makes me a better runner… it makes me a better person!


I absolutely love all of the challenging moves!  They are different from anything I’ve ever done.  They are fun and doable!  We all had a good laugh when I was swinging this weight!   IMG_9430.JPG


I can’t believe that in two weeks we haven’t repeated a workout!  I have truly loved every workout and I’m already starting to notice results!  I am also very sore!

There is no SECRET to this program… it is a lot of hard work but totally doable if you are motivated!  If you are looking to start Hammer and Chisel DVDs then I would love for you to join in my upcoming group!  Please be sure to mention if you will also be running!

Creamy Candy Cane Shakeology

I am pretty sure I will be having this one year round! (I have a SECRET broken candy cane stash ready!)  I absolutely love plain Greek yogurt in my shakes and with the almond milk… it makes it extra creamy!  Make sure to blend really well.  If you try it… let me know what you think!


Nate’s Bigfoot 50k Results

We started off our day pretty normally… except for the part where I had to wake up and do everything myself!  😉  (Normally, dada takes care of a lot of our morning routine!)

Basketball practice for Denny, Lowes to build a Christmas train, and then to the library to see Santa!  Lot’s of fun… but I couldn’t stop thinking about Nate running 31 miles!  Ummmm… that’s a long way!IMG_0577.jpeg

When Nate called to say he had just finished and was feeling good… I was relieved, excited, happy, and so proud of this huge accomplishment!  It was on narrow, rough, and very hilly trails which made it a very TOUGH course!  There was 4000+ feet of elevation!IMG_3149

The worst part for him was probably the HEAT!  Who would have thought it would be 67 degrees in the middle of December!  And to think a couple weeks ago I was worried about a snow storm!  Nate runs without a shirt in 30 degrees because he gets hot… so this was way too warm for him!IMG_4712.jpeg

He ended up getting 19th overall with a time of 6:03:42!IMG_0235

I know this race means 31 is going to be a great year!  Every year seems to get better and better for us!  IMG_4119.jpeg

Hammer and Chisel- Week 1

It has been a great first week… I absolutely love Hammer and Chisel!  I am all in!  I have been following my meal plan and my before measurements and pictures have been taken!  These 8 weeks are going to be good!  I started 24 hours after I ordered the DVD’s.  I have been streaming them with our Apple TV from my laptop to the TV!  Once they come, hopefully today, I will move back down to the garage… my workout room!

Everything is totally doable and modifications are given!  I didn’t start with heavy weights (I’m not used to lifting too much) but plan to keeping going up in weight as time goes on!  IMG_2951.jpegOne of the best things about this program is that I can do it AND still run.  I love to run and seriously need to run to feel complete.  Unlike workout DVDs that I have done in the past like T25 and 21 Day Fix Extreme I feel I can run the same number of days as if I wasn’t doing a DVD workout!  Is it because I’m not working hard in the DVDs?  Heck no!  These workouts are hard and challenging, but I am using different muscles and there is not an overload of cardio!  It is really the best kind of cross training for me!  I am looking forward to improving and being the best I can be!  IMG_3661.jpeg

Now Hammer and Chisel is a birthday present for Nate… but he gave me special permission to start the first week without him.  He is just resting up for running 31 miles on his 31st birthday!  No big deal! 😉  Once he is recovered from this race he will be joining me and I know he’s a little jealous right now when he sees me sweating!  🙂  Luckily, I still have his support and help when I workout!  He takes care of the babies AND holds the resistance band for me! HAHA… yep, he’s a keeper!    IMG_6926.jpeg

I ran a total of 22 miles during this first week of also doing Hammer and Chisel.  This is average for me.  I also did my usual mix of easy, fast, hilly, and flat(ter) runs!IMG_9277.JPG

There are moves I have never done before!  It keeps everything fun while still challenging!  IMG_6896.jpegIMG_9965.jpegIMG_9396

Here is my week 1 workout plan:  Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 8.14.17 PM.png

If you are interested in doing this program or another one… I would love to help you find what works best for you!IMG_9415You can also join my upcoming Challenge Group…. RESOLUTION SOLUTION!  Fill out the application below.