Hammer and Chisel

I am beyond excited about this program!  Luckily, Nate’s birthday is 11 days after it comes out (perfect timing for the gift he really wants AND I want)!!!  You may have heard me say kid’s birthdays are really about the mom… well, aren’t husband’s birthdays really about the wife?! 😉  HAHA!  So here is everything WE get:


This program has a detailed nutrition plan but unlike the 21 Day Fix, it is made to modify whether you want to build muscle, maintain, or lose weight.

I will be posting weekly about how I’m doing with the program.  I will also continue to run (which is not necessary for the program), but how could I not run?!  I have been feeling SO great running!  I know I will be more tired/sore while doing the Hammer and Chisel workouts, but running (like all working out) makes me feel better and makes me a better mom, wife, and person!  After all, I am always trying to improve!


Here is my meal plan for week 1:  Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 9.39.58 PM.pngThese are all favorite foods of mine plus a few new recipes I got from the Hammer and Chisel nutrition guide!  I will posting a few of these recipes soon!

If you are interested in joining me in one of my upcoming Challenge Groups or just find out a little more about the program fill out the application below.


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