31 Years… 31 Miles

My husband, who is SO much older than me (I don’t turn 31 for over 6 months 😉 ) turns 31 on Saturday and he will be running 31 miles on his 31st birthday!  Yes, he is doing a 50k (31 miles).

We all like to do some type of fun workout on our birthday… remember my mom’s 55th birthday?! Well, Nate looked up races on his birthday, 12/12, and sure enough he found this one!  Even though I don’t know if I ever want to run more than a marathon, I agree that it couldn’t be more perfect!IMG_2421This race is completely on trails which makes a good time hard to judge.  Finishing 31 miles is a huge accomplishment!  I am so excited for him and the kids and I will be cheering him on from home!

I am also excited for when he’s DONE!  We are going to celebrate and then he can join me in Hammer and Chisel workouts!  😉

It is going to be a Happy Birthday and a Happy Race!


One thought on “31 Years… 31 Miles

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