Nate’s Bigfoot 50k Results

We started off our day pretty normally… except for the part where I had to wake up and do everything myself!  😉  (Normally, dada takes care of a lot of our morning routine!)

Basketball practice for Denny, Lowes to build a Christmas train, and then to the library to see Santa!  Lot’s of fun… but I couldn’t stop thinking about Nate running 31 miles!  Ummmm… that’s a long way!IMG_0577.jpeg

When Nate called to say he had just finished and was feeling good… I was relieved, excited, happy, and so proud of this huge accomplishment!  It was on narrow, rough, and very hilly trails which made it a very TOUGH course!  There was 4000+ feet of elevation!IMG_3149

The worst part for him was probably the HEAT!  Who would have thought it would be 67 degrees in the middle of December!  And to think a couple weeks ago I was worried about a snow storm!  Nate runs without a shirt in 30 degrees because he gets hot… so this was way too warm for him!IMG_4712.jpeg

He ended up getting 19th overall with a time of 6:03:42!IMG_0235

I know this race means 31 is going to be a great year!  Every year seems to get better and better for us!  IMG_4119.jpeg


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