Hammer and Chisel- Week 2

Thank goodness this came JUST in time for Nate’s birthday!  And I know you’re probably thinking… who is this present really for?!  Haha!  Trust me… it is for both of us!  Even though I am DONE with week 2 and Nate is just about to join me (running 31 miles for your birthday is pretty amazing and a good excuse)!  IMG_9442 (1).jpg

I am ON TRACK and loving that I put the extra time into writing out my meal plan!  It is worth it… I am saving money by having the right ingredients and eating a lot of healthy foods!  If you haven’t tried meal planning… you need to!  Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 8.27.02 PM.png

My running was pretty awesome (for me!) this week!  Although running is not necessary with Hammer and Chisel… I feel this program was made for runners!  I love that I can do both!  Here are the workouts this week:Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.56.15 PM.pngEven though I’m not training for anything in particular… I felt like I wanted to push it some days this week!  My goal in life = keep improving.  When I have a good workout I know I’m improving.  Working out not only makes me a better runner… it makes me a better person!


I absolutely love all of the challenging moves!  They are different from anything I’ve ever done.  They are fun and doable!  We all had a good laugh when I was swinging this weight!   IMG_9430.JPG


I can’t believe that in two weeks we haven’t repeated a workout!  I have truly loved every workout and I’m already starting to notice results!  I am also very sore!

There is no SECRET to this program… it is a lot of hard work but totally doable if you are motivated!  If you are looking to start Hammer and Chisel DVDs then I would love for you to join in my upcoming group!  Please be sure to mention if you will also be running!


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