Hammer and Chisel- Week 3

I am sure that doing what you love, even if it is hard, is possible!  We make time for what we want, right?!  This week ended on Christmas Eve (which is also my little Ellie’s 4th birthday)!  So imagine Christmas baking plus birthday cake!  Shakeology is the only thing that saves me!  This Merry Strawberry shake is delicious!  me.jpgI took it easier (running wise) this week.  We all need a little break sometimes!  I was definitely feeling the double workouts!  However, when I did run… they were great runs!   Running Week3.pngWhen you are super busy getting ready for Christmas and still taking care of 3 little ones… it’s tough!  I wouldn’t change a thing though!  So when my mom offered to watch the kids for a few hours we made good use of our time!  First we did our last minute shopping and then we went for a hard run!  We ran 5 miles at 7:40 pace while still talking! 🙂  IMG_1684.jpeg

Also, how awesome is it that on Christmas Eve I ran in shorts and a t-shirt with the baby!  Now, I do not love the stroller but he was happy to get out (he loves the stroller)!  And… the big kids got to do Ellie’s new birthday legos! IMG_7125.jpeg

Plus, I’m so excited that it is easier for me to run with the stroller now!  Yes, I am already noticing a difference in my upper body strength!  My arms are looking better too!

Now here is my meal plan for this week!  I am ready for a great week (and a lot less Christmas cookies)!Meal Plan4.pngI can’t wait until I have the extra motivation from my next Challenge Group!  If think you would like the workouts or shakeology then I would love for you to join!  Fill out the info below to help me find what is best for you!





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