30 Day Plank Challenge

Plankmas.jpgPlanking is an awesome total body exercise!  I decided to use my Like Page on Facebook to share my 30 day Challenge every day this December!  IMG_9378 (1).jpgI can tell you that when I started I thought 20 seconds was too short!  But, by day 18 it felt TOUGH.  After day 21 I HAD to switch up my planking style and move around a little to stay up.  I did stay up though!

Basic Plank.jpg

Plank Raised.jpg








I feel SO happy that I made it to 5 minutes!  plankend.png

This is not the end of Planking for me!  I want to keep going and be able to do a basic plank for the entire 5 minutes.  I believe I can!IMG_0368.jpg

Fill out the form below to join one of my upcoming groups!  Trust me… it is so much easier to do hard things with others there for support!


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