Hammer and Chisel- Week 4

I actually told a bunch of people that I would have no problem this week because Christmas isn’t about food!  Instead, it’s about Jesus’s birthday, family, presents… Ha!  Well, I forgot about the cookies!  I definitely had too many!  However, I am happy to say that I didn’t give up!  IMG_2258.jpeg

I still fit in my workouts (I did switch Christmas day to my Hammer and Chisel rest day).  I took the extra time to play with so many new toys! I would actually say this was my SECOND favorite Christmas!  (My little Ellie girl was born on Christmas Eve and that is my FAVORITE Christmas!)IMG_2668.jpeg

I ended up running a little more than usual.  Mostly because I had people offering to watch the kids!  I also even got to do DVD workouts and runs with family and friends!  Working out with others is the best!  Week 4.png

Now that Christmas is over… I’m looking towards the NEW YEAR!  IMG_0728-1.jpg

In addition to fitting my workouts in… my meal plan is ready for Monday!  It is actually making my mouth water right now!  I’m excited to try out a few new recipes!  Meal Plan5.png

It is so much easier to work out with others.  I’ve always been able to run with family and friends.  Now that I can do DVD workouts with SO many people through private online Facebook groups… it has been extremely motivationg and FUN!  This is why I love being a Beachbody Coach!  It is my dream job!  Fill out a few questions below to join my upcoming group.  This group will provide extra support, motivation, tips, recipes, and more while having fun!


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