Go Steelers… my WINNING drink!

Today we are all dressed in our BLACK AND GOLD… we are getting ready to cheer our Steelers to a WIN.  IMG_0972.JPG

Now, I am just a little busy (when aren’t we busy with these 3 😉 ) I am beyond excited for Super Friday tonight!  A Beachbody event with the CEO of Beachbody, celebrity trainer (my favorite, Autumn Calabrese!), a LIVE workout, and Cafe Latte Shakeology!

But… I really want to share this easy, COLD FIGHTING, delicious, and healthy drink!  Get it ready for game time (or if you’re like me anytime)!IMG_1002.JPGHere’s how to make it:

Blend 1 scoop chocolate Shakeology, 1 cup orange juice, and 1 cup ice.  Yum!

Here is a little about why Shakeology is a WIN!

Interested in trying Shakeology or getting a little more info?  Fill out the questions below and I will be in touch.


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