Hammer and Chisel- Week 6

One of the best things about Hammer and Chisel DVDs is that I can do them from home!  I don’t have to worry about the weather or the kids!  Sometimes they even join in!  IMG_4885.jpeg

The running plan had to change a couple of times because of the weather.  The roads were covered with snow and icy!  IMG_4041.jpeg

It was also very cold at times… but I got a good amount in.  I will be looking to pick up my miles next week.IMG_3485.jpeg

Week 6.png

I am planned and ready for this week too!  I am very excited about getting Cafe Latte Shakeology in the mail this week!  Shakeology has been a lifesaver for me… it helps me recover and get ready for my next workout.  Plus, it gives me energy and is my healthiest meal of the day!  Week 7.png

If you would like a little more info on my next group or Shakeology… fill out a few questions below.  


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