Hammer and Chisel- Week 8

There are always obsticales involved with working out… even when you love it, right?!  HAHA… sometimes my little cuties don’t want to nap and I have to stop.. but the best thing about working out at home is that I can fit it in another time!  I’m just a little motivated! 😉    IMG_0454.jpeg

Working out with someone (especially my amazing husband) is probably my favorite!  We fit in a bunch of workouts together this week!  That makes my heart happy.  IMG_3643.jpeg

I also got a lot of running in (with beautiful weather).  I’m beyond excited for my upcoming marathon… knowing that I am training just gives me extra motivation to get stronger and faster!  IMG_8642.jpeg

Here is my plan from this week:week 8.pngI only have 4 more days left in the Hammer and Chisel program and I am very excited to share my results!  In addition, I have a bunch of new groups starting this month including a running one!  If you are interested in joining fill out the questions below.



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