Hammer & Chisel Results

I had great results!  First of all I love this program and was able to do it while still running (and training for a marathon)!  On the scale… I stayed just about the same (maybe plus a couple of pounds… muscle weighs more!)  I also lost a total of 3 inches!  results.png

Off the scale, I can do A LOT more regular pushups than before.  I increased my weights from 5 and 8 pounds to 10 and 12 pounds.  Plus, I FEEL stronger!

My nutrition was far from perfect… I chose to do it over Christmas and ate way too many cookies!  IMG_2951.jpeg

I pushed myself more than I ever could have on my own.  IMG_6843.jpeg

My husband even joined in and loves the workouts!  IMG_3643.jpeg

I am pretty proud of myself for completing 8 weeks and really do feel better than ever!IMG_0810.jpg

I have found that I can’t JUST run… cross training is key for me.  Hammer and Chisel is perfect for that!  IMG_3485.jpeg

I am not stopping here!  I am still training for a marathon on April 10th and I am still doing Hammer and Chisel workouts!  If you are interested in joining my next group fill out the form below.


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