Don’t Drink Shakeology!

If you’re thinking… “I don’t do shakes”

I say… I didn’t either!  I was afraid of “bulking up” so instead I made surgery smoothies (that I thought were healthy) AND ate too much junk food!

But now… I eat a lot less sugar AND don’t feel like I need all that junk food to satisfy me!

 If you’re thinking… “I like to EAT real food”

I say… I agree! Which is exactly WHY I drink this- because it IS WHOLE FOODS.

But now… I save time preparing and get more nutrients and vitamins then I could ever make on my own!

 If you’re thinking… “I’m just going to get the workout program and not the nutrition”

I say… Yep, I’ve tried that too and you can’t work off a bad diet.  I’ve always worked out a ton… but it wasn’t until I learned the right things to eat that I saw results!

If you’re thinking… “I agree it’s delicious and healthy but it’s too expensive”

I say… Yes, I used to think the same thing before I educated myself… And did the math (believe me…. I don’t waste money!)

It’s not expensive.

It’s roughly $4 a meal:

  • $4 for HEALTH.
  • $4 for my whole life to get better.
  • $4 for my body to realize FOOD MATTERS.
  • $4 to feel the best I’ve ever felt.
  • $4 for boosted energy.
  • $4 for cravings to diminish.
  • $4 for the bloat to go away.
  • $4 for a quick meal.

I see VALUE.

Once I realized it’s just like paying for 30 meals all at once…I realized I was SAVING money!


If you want to try Shakeology…. fill out a few questions below and I will help you get started!



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