Beachbody Workouts

IMG_4173.JPGEllie and I snuggled up to watch an episode of Dora and Friends today and when it ended our Cable “On Demand” returned to the welcome screen, featuring a 25 minute Plyometric workout.  I thought, why not check it out?  (El was up for it too!)

The program started and the first thing I noticed was the audio quality was very poor.  I don’t know if they had microphones under their workout clothes, but it was very hard to hear the instructions (especially when they turned their head).

I also had a hard time getting excited with the strange music they had playing.  It was quickly becoming evident that this was a very low-budget production.  At first I thought, well, what should i have expected?  It’s free, right?

But is it really free?  Our cable bill is outragreous, and we’ve even considered “cutting the cord” and just streaming our TV (Netflix, Amazon Prime, VUDU, etc).  At least some of our money is going towards programming like this workout.

I continued the workout for about 12 minutes.  None of the moves were new to me or fun to do.  It was very generic, boring, and painful (but not the good kind of pain)!  I love working out, but I could NOT keep going with this (and neither could Ellie)!  I went downstairs and turned on Hammer & Chisel.  What relief!  Music, motivating leaders, great moves…I can’t put into words how much better it was, in every way possible!

Once you’ve tried Beachbody workouts, you can’t go back to generic ones!  The same is true for Shakeology! 🙂

If you’re interested in trying a workout program and/or shakeology… fill out the form below!  I also run groups where we all do the workouts and share!


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