What is a Challenge Group?

I “run” a group every month…  IMG_0421 (1).jpg

They are all a little different but in each group we share…

  • workouts (whether it is doing a DVD workout, running, walking, biking…).


  •  inspiration and motivation (knowing there are others doing the same thing is motivating)!


  •  meal plans (we all make one that works for us)!  Plus, we share tips and recipes… who couldn’t use more of this!

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 4.20.18 PM.png

  • and most of all we are there for each other for support and accountability!

I LOVE these groups because we have fun!  There really is power in numbers!

Here are a few things shared in my recent groups:

“A year ago, before I started my clean eating with the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology, I would have needed this size shirt, but now, I think I will shrink it, and that’s a good thing!”

” I will be keeping this up!! I ate great this week. Did not cheat even once. I exercised daily, still need to increase my water intake, and I lost 4 lbs!!! Thanks for the inspiration!”

“I feel better in every way now- I sleep better, my clothes feel better, and I’m happier!”

“I am actually saving money by drinking Shakeology and I’ve never been healthier!  It’s a WIN/WIN!”

If you would like to join my upcoming group or find out more information… fill out the form below!



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