ORRRC Marathon

I was beyond excited for this race that I found out about through a friend!  It was everything I wanted for my second marathon (and first one post-kids!)  It is low-key, small, inexpensive, and not too hilly!  I told my mom about it and she was immediately in!
The 5 hour drive was our time to catch up and it flew by!  We also got to have a relaxing night at my Aunt and Uncle’s house!  IMG_5557.jpeg

I was definitely nervous… but confident in my training!  I really am stronger than ever in my life and it shows when I run.  I feel better and faster!  I was actually running more miles when I trained for the last marathon, however, now they are quality miles AND I’m cross-training with DVD workouts.  These DVD’s work my entire body which has been key in my improvements!    I dropped about 16 minutes off of my previous marathon time!IMG_5029.jpeg

My mom has finished over 20 marathons (with a lot of “clock” times I DREAM about). She  had a great race!  I think it can best be described as happy and consistent!  I am so glad we got to do it together… how special is that?!  IMG_5577.JPG

My race went by quickly!  I don’t usually listen to music at a race but since it was a smaller crowd… I decided to!  Plus, it was nice to know my splits!  There were a few miles of head-on 20 mph winds with hail!  (It felt like little needles all over my face!)  Those miles were not fun, but made the other miles feel even better!  IMG_2917.jpegAlso, my awesome Uncle rode his bike all around the course cheering me and my mom on (he ended up biking over 40 miles)!

My goal was to not only to qualify for Boston, (I needed a 3:35) but also to get under 3:30.  And I did it! I was pretty consistent the entire race, especially considering the wind!  However, I had to pick up the pace for the last mile to make it…and I did!  I knew that I didn’t want to run that far and miss my goal by just a little!

My time was 3:29:32 and ended up finishing 4th female out of 111.  I was 31st overall out of 264 finishers.IMG_5276.jpeg

I will always remember this marathon and that happy times we had! IMG_4581.jpeg

We even got to go see my little sister at her college!  I’ve been wanting to visit her… but this is something that’s hard for me to do with the 3 little ones! IMG_2656.jpeg

Oh, and when I got home late at night the house was decorated! Then in the morning I got lots of smiles and homemade gifts!  IMG_9663.jpeg

If you would like to join my upcoming group and find out more about cross-training DVD’s… fill out the form below!


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