21 Day Fix and Running- Halfway point

Ok, so after finishing my marathon in April I am running less miles and focusing more on cross training.IMG_6868.JPG

I just don’t feel like running a ton of miles but I still want to workout (obviously 😉 )  This is where the 21 Day Fix fits in perfectly.  It is tough but still doable and I don’t get into a workout rut!  I thought doing these workouts would be perfect because I started LOVING Beachbody after doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme (AND had awesome results).  There are SO many great moves… which makes it perfect for cross training!  Like running in place while holding a weight… HARD!  Haha, but I love my little trampoline creeper 😉  IMG_7092.jpeg

The double workouts (most days) have been wiping me out… but I feel good/stronger!  Little Jayce and I may fuel differently… IMG_4674.jpeg

but we both finish our favorites as fast as we can… HAHA!  IMG_8628.jpeg

And then we rest together!  Ummmm…. Perfect!IMG_4973.jpeg



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