Butler Triathlon

Even though I know I am and always will be a runner at heart, I like to do less running in the summer and more swimming and biking.  I love to workout but it is nice to work towards something and see how much you are improving.  Triathlons are perfect for me and like I always say… Cross training is key!

Nothing is better than having your favorite people cheering for you (my husband is also there and taking all of the pictures)!  IMG_6141.jpeg

This was my FIRST open water swim!  IMG_4407

After the first 100 yards I got into a good rhythm and actually wished the swim was longer!  IMG_4075.jpg

The bike course was HILLY.  But I was smiling to my cuties who were at the end!  IMG_6922.jpeg

I always get excited when it comes time for the run.  I felt great and was able to finish strong.  Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 3.26.19 PM.png

I ended up getting first in my age group and 5th overall female.  IMG_2279.jpeg

Then (as if things couldn’t get more perfect) we all changed into our bathing suits and spent the day playing in the water and sand!  IMG_3521.jpeg

I am looking forward to more Tri training especially with the motivation, support, and helpful tips from my online private accountability group!  If you would like more information about joining my Summer Strong group fill out the form below.


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