August Already!

I LOVE August… summer is my favorite!  I always fit in a lot of fun activities before the school year starts again: a triathlon, amusement parks, pool days, and more.  Another reason to love this time of year is we got married on August 1st! 🙂

We started the month out with a date!  So thankful for my mom (she always offers to watch the kiddos).  We really celebrated last week with an overnight bike trip, but it was nice to have a date night on our actual anniversary.  We went out to delicious dinner then shared a cupcake… IMG_9332.jpeg

and saw a great movie!  It has been quite awhile since we’ve seen an adult movie!  IMG_7491.jpeg

Maybe it was the run I went on (that morning) that had me feeling perfect.  You know how everyone can tell when you don’t get a workout in?  Well, when you have a great one everyone can also tell!  Jayce and I ran 4.5 miles while the other two were at church for VBS… what a perfect day!

I have a lot of exciting things coming up this month… a triathlon, a Beachbody event, and back to school!  If you are looking to get into a routine- with workouts that you will love, healthy eating made easy and delicious, with support and accountability from me – fill out the form below.



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