North Park Triathlon

I’ve done this same triathlon since high school and I think I love it more every time!  While I didn’t have a personal best (like my husband and sister) I still had a good race and felt strong at the finish!  IMG_2655.jpeg

Right before the race my crew (or as I call them… my weasels) helped me set up in the transition area.  IMG_1509.jpeg

First up… 700 meter swim!  I had a great one for me and ran fast to get my bike!    13886851_1772090693063464_2422137454512647707_n.jpg

I usually smile for all my cute fans!  I love that I had so many people cheering for me and taking care of these three.IMG_1211.jpeg

Next up… the 12 mile bike!IMG_0653.jpeg

I may have had a slight heart attack 3 miles in when I saw my husband getting back onto his bike!  He was at the bottom of a steep hill with a sharp turn.  I knew he fell… but I also knew if he was getting back on he was (probably) ok!  13901569_1772090949730105_7368796467093977500_n.jpg

He later told me that he did a front flip on his bike, landed on his back, with just a few scratches and some soreness.  He ended up taking the rest of the bike easier and had a great run!  He beat his previous best time by 5+ minutes!  So happy he is ok!    IMG_1723.jpeg

The run is definitely my favorite part of a triathlon even though I am tired and my legs were burning.  IMG_6141.jpeg

I felt like I gave the 3.1 miles my all and was happy at the finish!  IMG_7913.JPG

During the race I thought about my sweet Denny running at his mile race the day before!IMG_1554.jpg

He ran one mile in 10:08!! IMG_1553.jpg

And yes, he starts/stops his own watch! HAHA! 🙂  IMG_1524.jpg

I ended up getting first in my age group and Nate and Kate took home medals too! But I think she wears it best!  IMG_1488.jpeg

We showered (at the race) and were on the go again! 🙂   IMG_7426 (2).jpg

It’s crazy because the thing I want after a hard workout or race is Shakeology.  It is the perfect post race food!  IMG_1767.jpg

If you are interested in trying Shakeology or joining my next training group fill out the form below… (I know you will love it!)



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