Back to it!

We are officially back to school and back to a routine.  IMG_2938.jpeg

We love summer but I think we were all ready for our routines to start.  Now, if it would just cool down 10-15 degrees then I would REALLY love these runs!  IMG_3120.jpeg

I am excited for more of these stroller runs (I can tell I am stronger than ever before… this stroller used to be too much… and now I’m pushing my chunkiest babe 😉 and feeling great)!  I’m also ready to follow the entire program calendar for a workout program!  IMG_2670-1 (1).jpg

I am working on building a strong base before I really start marathon training.  It is so easy to go down to my garage (with the kids or without) and do a 20-40 minute workout!  It is crazy because I used to waste time and money driving to an exercise class a few times a week.  If only I knew sooner that I CAN workout at home and LOVE it!  It also helps that I have an app on my phone that connects me to an entire group of people doing the exact same thing!  We share motivation, support, workouts, and recipes!  It is really easy and fun…IMG_2864.jpg

If you are interested in finding out more about my upcoming group… fill out the form!


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