Buffalo Creek Half Marathon

It all started well before 7 am… I think we left extra early because we were excited plus any extra time we have to talk is my favorite!  Moms and sisters are the BEST!    IMG_4992.jpg

The race course is absolutely amazing.  It was a perfect Fall day for trail miles!  The first 1.5ish miles are on the road as well as the last mile. IMG_5056.JPG

The first 6 miles flew by for me!  I kept a pretty consistent pace and because of a crowded start I ended up passing people for the majority of the race.  Mile 9 started to feel tough but I kept pushing.  IMG_5023.jpg

This was the first race I had huma and it is my new race fuel!  It is chia seed based and easy on the stomach.  My stomach felt great and I love the extra energy.  I carried both with me but only ended up having the raspberry flavored one around mile 6.  My mom had chocolate and my sister had lemonade flavored!  IMG_1627.jpg

This year there was a big uphill at mile 12.5 and that hurt.  I was definitely glad to be done by the end!  I am also very happy with my time, 1:36:31.IMG_4996.jpg

So happy that we all had great races… such an amazing feeling!  IMG_5045.jpg

I planned to just go home and rest after the race but then at the last minute decided to go straight to Denny’s soccer game, then hang out with my sister and family.  We ended up not getting home until 7pm!  (I did shower before then though 😉 ) IMG_5047.jpg

I would definitely recommend this half marathon to everyone!  It is great for a first one or 7th (I think that was my 7th… but not exactly sure)!


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