Thanksgiving Race!

On Thanksgiving I am very thankful to be a runner!  I love getting a great workout in early and then relaxing and having delicious food!  This year we got to try a new race in Ohio while visiting family!  It is always fun to be able to warm-up together and do the same race!IMG_6433.JPG

We both pushed it!  Nate’s time was 17:51 and my time was 20:52!  He was 5th overall and I was 6th female.  We both got 1st in our age group, 30-39!  IMG_6432.JPG

We probably did so well because we had the best cheering section!  IMG_6430.JPG

THEN… the kids got to race!  IMG_6427.JPG

They did so great!!  This turkey headband is good luck…IMG_6429.JPG

and may bring out the weirdness in all of us! 😉  IMG_6431.JPG

The boys ran together… IMG_0660.JPG

and the girls ran together!  IMG_6428.JPG

We even brought home lots of prizes!IMG_6054.jpeg

Thankfully these 3 did “rest” and I did nap!  IMG_6424.JPG

And of course we had a delicious Thanksgiving feast!  I had the same plate as Denny X 5!  IMG_6422.JPG

Thanksgiving reminds me that I am truly thankful for everything!  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!  IMG_4149.jpeg


Weekly Recap #3 & 3 Things You Can’t Forget This Thanksgiving!

This week had some busy, crazy, and stressful times… but when isn’t life stressful with a 2, 4, and 6 year old?!IMG_4510.jpeg

I have been working towards increasing my speed as well as getting stronger. DVD workouts are great when I have kids at home and want a great total body workout. I am currently following the Hammer and Chisel Workout Program and love it! Remember when I did THIS PROGRAM last Fall while running?! Right now I am taking more days “off” than the calendar says but I add in running (even in the cold and SNOW)!IMG_6335.JPG
Winter is pretty much HERE and while I will run outside most days… sometimes it is better to NOT go out in below freezing temperatures or ice! The kiddos sure are excited though and talk/think about snow all the time! Denny’s snowy home picture was just chosen to be featured at our school districts administration building! IMG_6208.JPG

I am getting pretty excited to run a 5k fast!  A race this Thanksgiving is just what I need to get motivated to increase my speed. IMG_6316.JPG

I think that one of the most common misconceptions about getting in shape or improving yourself is that you have to eat less. I eat A LOT and pretty much all day! The key is filling my body with healthy foods. I definitely have to work to eat more veggies and protein (the carbs and fruit are easy for me). Shakeology makes it super easy (because it is delicious and packed with the good stuff) to get my protein and vegetable requirement. Plus, I’m not great at taking time to drink enough water each day (I’m working on it!) so I always make my Shakeology with water to get a little extra in!IMG_6255.JPGAnd my TOP 3 things that you CANNOT forget this Thanksgiving Day….  FAMILY, A WORKOUT, & CHESTNUTS!  My advice is to get your workout in early, visit with family and then enjoy good food like chestnuts! 🙂  If you aren’t sure about chestnuts… TRY THEM!  They are delicious in stuffing but I also love them plain!  ches.jpg

Here’s what my week looked like:

Monday: Hammer & Chisel DVD- Chisel Endurance & Easy Run- 2.5 miles.

Tuesday: Hammer & Chisel DVD- Total Body Hammer & Easy Run- 5 miles.

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Hammer & Chisel DVD- Chisel Cardio.

Friday: Stroller Run- 5 miles.

Saturday: Tempo Run- 7 miles at 7:54 average pace.

Sunday: Hammer & Chisel DVD- Max Hammer Strength and Easy Run- 3 miles.

Have a happy Thanksgiving week!

If you are interested in finding out a little more about Shakeology or joining my upcoming accountability group fill out a few questions below!

Weekly Recap #2 & 2 of My Motivators!

This week I’ve been fighting a cold, but I haven’t let it push my nutrition off track.  Trader Joe’s is my favorite place to shop and this trip is full of goodness!    IMG_8336.jpeg

The kids were sick last week and I got it this week.  So I took some extra rest time (which is fine for my training right now)!  Plus, I always make sure to have my superfood and vitamin-packed Shakeology every day!  I know this keeps me to feel the best possible.  IMG_2117.jpeg

As much as I want to start marathon training (for Boston!) I know it’s too early.  I don’t want to peak too soon!  Instead, I have been adding in more speed and plan to run a 5k on Thanksgiving day!

Motivation is not one of the things I lack!  As a mom, I know that running is my “me time” and I don’t want to waste it!  I am motivated by so many things every day.  These two things happened this week and were especially motivating to me:

My 2 big kids at tumbling class doing things for the first time… IMG_6191.JPG

And watching my sister in her college swim meet where she PR’d in 3 events… IMG_6192.JPG

Monday: Sick Day 😦

Tuesday: Speed Workout at the track- 1 mile warm-up, 1 mile repeats X 3, 1 mile cool-down.  My fast mile splits were 6:05, 6:16, & 6:23.IMG_3853.jpeg

Wednesday: Hammer & Chisel DVD- ISO Strength Chisel

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Tempo Run- 7 miles at 8:16 average pace.  Just before the rain…IMG_9966.jpeg

Saturday: Hammer & Chisel DVD- Hammer Power and 5 miles with pick-ups at 8:36 average pace.

Sunday: Fast Run- 5 miles at 7:29 average pace with negative splits.  I tried to stay out of breath for a lot of the time.  I know that when I am racing, I am always out of breath so it’s good practice!

Weekly Recap!

If you have been following me on face-11.jpg or instagram-1.jpg you will notice that it seems like my workouts were non-existant this week.  But…  Don’t worry!  My workouts were just as good as ever!  Instead, I will be sharing more via this blog in the form of weekly updates!  If you want to see more of my day to day you can also follow me on Strava!  I would love to follow you too!  I have been obsessed with Strava and am super competitive with myself and others on segments.

Monday: DVD Workout (Cross Training) 21 Day Fix Extreme- Upper Extreme then lots of school Halloween partying… IMG_5869.JPG

and Trick-Or-Treating!IMG_4836.jpg

Tuesday: A warm-up, a (faster) 5k, and a cool down for a total of 5.5 miles.  My 5k time was  22:50 with an average pace of 7:13 per mile.  I was hoping to be faster, but I’ll take it!  Fall definitely has the best scenery!  IMG_9407.jpeg

Wednesday: Rest day.  I try to take completely off from working out.  Sometimes taking care of the kids feels like a workout though!

Thursday:  DVD Workout (Cross Training) Hammer & Chisel- Chisel Balance.  This is an awesome 40 minute workout that I did when the big kids were at school and Jayce was napping.  2 years ago on this day I was in labor (his birthday is tomorrow!) and I love thinking about that when things feel tough!  This SUCCESSFUL version to flip my breech baby was tough.  🙂  1484094_980520287817_215101741714864437_n.jpg

And 0.2 miles (with Ellie & Denny), 0.8 (with Denny), then 4 easy on my own!  Their love for running makes me happy!  They are pretty pumped for their race on Thanksgiving too!  It’s funny because they are all about timing and tracking.  We were chatting about timing while my watch located satellites!  🙂


Then I remind them to pump their arms and they talk my ear off… IMG_4574.jpeg

and try to pass any walkers! HAHA!  IMG_2644.jpeg

Friday: 7 miles at 8:34 average pace.  I usually think about a lot of different things on a run but today I only thought about Jayce’s birth story (which I love)!

Saturday: Jayce’s birthday celebration and 3 easy miles was just what I needed.  IMG_4654.jpeg

Sunday:  Another rest day!  I really needed it after a hard week!