Weekly Recap!

If you have been following me on face-11.jpg or instagram-1.jpg you will notice that it seems like my workouts were non-existant this week.  But…  Don’t worry!  My workouts were just as good as ever!  Instead, I will be sharing more via this blog in the form of weekly updates!  If you want to see more of my day to day you can also follow me on Strava!  I would love to follow you too!  I have been obsessed with Strava and am super competitive with myself and others on segments.

Monday: DVD Workout (Cross Training) 21 Day Fix Extreme- Upper Extreme then lots of school Halloween partying… IMG_5869.JPG

and Trick-Or-Treating!IMG_4836.jpg

Tuesday: A warm-up, a (faster) 5k, and a cool down for a total of 5.5 miles.  My 5k time was  22:50 with an average pace of 7:13 per mile.  I was hoping to be faster, but I’ll take it!  Fall definitely has the best scenery!  IMG_9407.jpeg

Wednesday: Rest day.  I try to take completely off from working out.  Sometimes taking care of the kids feels like a workout though!

Thursday:  DVD Workout (Cross Training) Hammer & Chisel- Chisel Balance.  This is an awesome 40 minute workout that I did when the big kids were at school and Jayce was napping.  2 years ago on this day I was in labor (his birthday is tomorrow!) and I love thinking about that when things feel tough!  This SUCCESSFUL version to flip my breech baby was tough.  🙂  1484094_980520287817_215101741714864437_n.jpg

And 0.2 miles (with Ellie & Denny), 0.8 (with Denny), then 4 easy on my own!  Their love for running makes me happy!  They are pretty pumped for their race on Thanksgiving too!  It’s funny because they are all about timing and tracking.  We were chatting about timing while my watch located satellites!  🙂


Then I remind them to pump their arms and they talk my ear off… IMG_4574.jpeg

and try to pass any walkers! HAHA!  IMG_2644.jpeg

Friday: 7 miles at 8:34 average pace.  I usually think about a lot of different things on a run but today I only thought about Jayce’s birth story (which I love)!

Saturday: Jayce’s birthday celebration and 3 easy miles was just what I needed.  IMG_4654.jpeg

Sunday:  Another rest day!  I really needed it after a hard week!



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