Thanksgiving Race!

On Thanksgiving I am very thankful to be a runner!  I love getting a great workout in early and then relaxing and having delicious food!  This year we got to try a new race in Ohio while visiting family!  It is always fun to be able to warm-up together and do the same race!IMG_6433.JPG

We both pushed it!  Nate’s time was 17:51 and my time was 20:52!  He was 5th overall and I was 6th female.  We both got 1st in our age group, 30-39!  IMG_6432.JPG

We probably did so well because we had the best cheering section!  IMG_6430.JPG

THEN… the kids got to race!  IMG_6427.JPG

They did so great!!  This turkey headband is good luck…IMG_6429.JPG

and may bring out the weirdness in all of us! 😉  IMG_6431.JPG

The boys ran together… IMG_0660.JPG

and the girls ran together!  IMG_6428.JPG

We even brought home lots of prizes!IMG_6054.jpeg

Thankfully these 3 did “rest” and I did nap!  IMG_6424.JPG

And of course we had a delicious Thanksgiving feast!  I had the same plate as Denny X 5!  IMG_6422.JPG

Thanksgiving reminds me that I am truly thankful for everything!  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!  IMG_4149.jpeg


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