Weekly Recap #5 & #6

To sum up the last 2 weeks… I would say the goal was to stay warm!  IMG_5449.jpeg

It feels like Winter is officially here and since I don’t ever run on a treadmill… I have been adding in a lot more workouts at home!  I run outside unless it is icy/slippery (which it has been)!  Honestly, I’m ok with this and love that we have the change of seasons.  I am using this time for extra cross-training and getting stronger.

Here’s what my last two weeks looked like:

Monday:  Hammer & Chisel DVD- Chisel Balance

Tuesday:  Easy Run- 5 miles

Wednesday:  Hammer & Chisel DVD- Hammer Conditioning

Thursday:  Hammer & Chisel DVD- Total Body Hammer

Friday:  Rest Day

Saturday:  Tempo Run- 7 miles

Sunday: Pick-up Run- 7 miles

Monday:  Stroller Run- 5 miles

Tuesday: Hammer & Chisel DVD- Chisel Agility

Wednesday:  Snow/Icy Run- 5 miles

Thursday:  Hammer & Chisel DVD- Max Hammer Strength

Friday:  Rest Day

Saturday:  Hammer & Chisel DVD- Total Body Chisel

Sunday: Snow/Icy Run- 6 miles


I am working on my new group that starts after Christmas.  We will workout, drink Shakeology, AND get paid to check in daily!  It is awesome motivation!!  If you are interested fill out the form below and I will send you the details!



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