Weekly Recap #7 & #8 Falling and Favorites

There is always a first for everything…  two days before Christmas I fell hard!  IMG_6860.JPGObviously I had to snap chat to get some sympathy 🙂  I ended up with a scrapes and bruises on my hand and knee… plus holes in my leggings and jacket!  A few days earlier I had a stomach bug and did not eat much… so I’m thinking I may have still been weak.

I took Christmas Eve and Christmas super easy running and super fun party wise!  We celebrated my Christmas Eve baby all morning… IMG_6993.JPG

and then a lot of my family and friends joined us for the rest of the day!  IMG_7026.JPG

We had an amazing Christmas day plus many more celebrations for a few days after!IMG_7114.JPG

And I am back to running with just some bruises and scrapes.  I love this time of year because it is usually easier for me to fit in more running!  We had a great sister run with some of our new Christmas gear…   IMG_7231.JPG

and I finished out the year strong with 10 tempo miles too!  Which gave me a total of 1,134 miles for the year!   FullSizeRender.jpg

Happy New Year from all of us (including the goofballs)!  I am SO excited to “officially” start my Boston marathon training!FullSizeRender-1.jpg

Here’s what my last two weeks looked like:

Monday:  Rest Day

Tuesday: Hammer & Chisel DVD- Hammer PLYO + Abs

Wednesday:  SICK DAY

Thursday:  SICK DAY

Friday:  6 miles (fell at mile 3)

Saturday:  Rest Day- Christmas Eve

Sunday: Tempo Run- 3 miles

Monday:  Easy Run- 5 miles

Tuesday: Tempo Run- 5 miles

Wednesday:  Hammer & Chisel DVD- ISO Strength Chisel

Thursday:  Tempo Run- 8 miles

Friday: Easy Run- 3.5 miles

Saturday: Tempo Run- 10 miles

Sunday: Hammer & Chisel DVD- Chisel Balance & 7 miles



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