Weekly Recap #11 & #12

We are almost halfway through winter and sometimes the cold or sickness (especially that my 3 bring home) can be tough but being motivated helps!  Also, rolling around in fake grass is nice 😉  FullSizeRender-1.jpg

I often get messages about how I stay motivated so I came up with my top 6 reasons that keep me motivated:

  1. An upcoming race- especially a big one that you are traveling for!
  2. To feel my best- days when I run/ workout I am happier and a lot more patient with everyone. 🙂
  3. To be stronger and better- I always want to keep improving to be the best version of myself.
  4. To eat healthier- I always make better food choices when I workout!  I think my body craves healthy foods and vitamins!  Sometimes I workout so hard that I don’t want anything bad going into my body.
  5. My daily “me time”- It is my only time that I really have alone and I don’t feel guilty about it!  I may not have time to go shopping or even doing my hair but at the end of the day those things don’t make me happy like working out!
  6. Having a group that is doing similar workouts and similar goals- I check in each day with my group and we share motivation and inspiration!  FullSizeRender.jpg

So, here’s what my last two weeks looked like:

Monday:  Recovery Run- 5 miles

Tuesday: Hammer & Chisel DVD-Total Body Chisel and Spin Bike- 45 minutes

Wednesday:  Rest Day

Thursday:  Tempo Run- 6 miles

Friday:  Rest Day

Saturday:  Sick Day 😦

Sunday: Easy Run- 7 miles

Monday:  Easy Run- 8.5 miles

Tuesday: Hammer & Chisel DVD- Hammer Power and 6 miles with pick-ups

Wednesday:  Hammer & Chisel DVD- Chisel Balance and 6 miles with 5 x .5 miles hard

Thursday:  Rest Day

Friday: Long Run- 16 miles

Saturday: Hammer & Chisel DVD- ISO Hammer, Run- 3 miles, Bike- 30 minutes

Sunday: Tempo Run- 9.5 miles

If you are interested in joining my upcoming group fill out a few questions below and I will give you more info!


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