Spring Thaw 20 Mile Race

Whenever I am training for a marathon I like to do a race about 2 months before.  It is a great way to see where I am in my training… but still time to improve!  FullSizeRender-2.jpg

So, I chose to do the Spring Thaw today.  They have a 10, 15, and 20 mile race.  I picked the 20 because it is an easy way to get my long one in.  It is 4 times around the lake (which is mentally tough to do four loops, but there is a lot of things to keep you motivated!)  If you do the 15 you get an extra prize… gloves!  And for the 20 you get a head/neck wrap!  FullSizeRender-1 2.jpg

I wanted to use this race as more of a workout and not a race (to prevent peaking too early!)  and I think I did a good job!  I felt great and was happy my husband even came to run a few miles with me!   IMG_8224.JPG

The rain held off and it felt warm out!  It was a windy 50 degrees!  I am thankful it wasn’t like a few years ago when we had 6+ inches coming down!

I finished 20 miles in 2:41:55 so my average pace was 8:06 per mile.  I ended up being surprised to get third female overall!  Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 3.13.45 PM.png

I’m EVEN MORE excited for Boston now!  I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do!  FullSizeRender.jpg

Denny got a medal yesterday for finishing his basketball season… He may love medals 100 times more than me 😉  But… I love that about him!  🙂  FullSizeRender-3.jpg