February Recap!

Just when I think things can’t get busier… they do!  Our February consisted of a lot of FUN though!  We started off the month celebrating Denny with a Mario Party!  IMG_7946.JPG

We also played a lot indoors… IMG_8276.JPG

and learned as much as we could!  IMG_8286.JPG

The weather has been cold a few of the days… IMG_8057.PNG

But for the most part warmer (especially for February)!  I love running in shorts even if there is snow on the ground!  I even got to have a few run dates with my sweetie this month!  IMG_8099.PNG

Here are my workouts for each day of February:

  1. Tempo Run- 10 miles
  2. Spin Bike- 1 hour
  3. Rest Day
  4. Easy Run- 7 miles
  5. Tempo Run- 12 miles @ 8:02 pace
  6. Hammer & Chisel DVD- Total Body Chisel and Easy Run- 5 miles
  7. Tempo Run- 7 miles
  8. Hammer & Chisel DVD- ISO Speed Hammer and Spin Bike- 1 hour
  9. Rest Day
  10. Easy Run- 5 miles
  11. Long Run- 18 miles
  12. Easy Run- 7 miles
  13. Hammer & Chisel DVD- ISO Strength Chisel
  14. Tempo Run- 10 miles
  15. Hammer & Chisel DVD- Hammer Conditioning and Spin Bike- 1 hour
  16. Easy Run- 6 miles
  17. Rest Day
  18. Tempo Run (with Nate!)- 13 miles
  19. Yoga Class and Easy Run- 5 miles
  20. Tempo Run- 8 miles
  21. Easy Run- 7 miles
  22. Hammer & Chisel DVD- Chisel Cardio
  23. Tempo Run- 7 miles
  24. Rest Day
  25. Race Day- Spring Thaw 20 miles
  26. Recovery Run- 3 miles
  27. Spin Bike- 1 hour
  28. Recovery Run- 8 miles

Here are my total miles for the month:Feb.jpg

Happy running and hope we can all SLIDE right into Spring! 🙂  IMG_8145.JPG

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