March Recap!

I am pretty excited because in my 15+ years of tracking my monthly miles… This March was my highest (I think)!  🙂  march (1).jpg

Plus, I feel GREAT and ready for my marathon!  This month has been full of normal running, biking, and DVD workouts…. IMG_8380.JPG

and some not so traditional workouts!  IMG_8737-1.JPG

I’ve bought a few delicious salads and then I recreate them for weeks and weeks at home! FullSizeRender.jpg

…and same with treats!  IMG_8553-1.JPG

Here is my workout each day this month:

  1. Hammer & Chisel DVD-Total Body Hammer and Easy Run- 7.5 miles
  2. Bike- 1 hour
  3. Rest Day
  4. Long Run- 14 miles
  5. Tempo Run- 7 miles
  6. Easy Run- 3 miles
  7. Long Run- 10.5 miles
  8. Hammer & Chisel DVD- Chisel Endurance
  9. Bike- 1 hour and Easy Run with 2 minute pick-ups- 8.5 miles
  10. Rest Day
  11. Long Run- 22 miles
  12. Easy Run- 5 miles
  13. Hammer & Chisel DVD- Max Hammer Strength and Recovery Run- 4 miles
  14. Rest Day
  15. Hammer & Chisel DVD- Chisel Cardio and Easy Run- 5 miles
  16. Easy Run- 7 miles
  17. Bike- 1 hour
  18. Speed Workout- 14 miles (warm up, 8 x 1 mile at 7:20-7:00 pace, cool down)
  19. Tempo Run- 7 miles
  20. Hammer & Chisel DVD- Hammer Plyo and Easy Run- 5 miles
  21. Tempo Run- 12 miles
  22. Hammer & Chisel DVD- Total Body Chisel
  23. Bike- 1 hour
  24. Easy Run- 4 miles
  25. Long Run- 20.5 miles
  26. Rest Day
  27. Lap Swim- 25 minutes
  28. Easy Run- 7 miles
  29. Hammer & Chisel DVD- Hammer Power
  30. Bike- 1 hour and Easy Run- 7 miles
  31. Tempo Run- 8 miles

IMG_8726.JPGWe hope the warmer weather is here to stay and we can bundle up a little less!  I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited/anxious for Easter and EASTER MONDAY / PATRIOT’S DAY / BOSTON MARATHON DAY!!!  Happy April!


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