4th of July 5k

Even though I just raced 2 days ago, I decided to join Nate in our local 5k race!  My mom and brother came to cheer us on and watch the kids!  Plus, my dad also decided last minute to do it!  I think the kids were happy with our decision to do the race too!  They do love Eat’n Park cookies 🙂  IMG_1253.JPG

We got in a good warm up while the kids were playing.  Then they watched us do some striders before we started.  Having them there is the best!  IMG_1215.JPG

It was a fast start… especially for Nate!  He ran his first mile in 5:25!IMG_1222.JPG

It was pretty humid, the course was a little long, there was a really steep hill at the end… IMG_1237.JPG

but my dad, Nate, and I powered through!  IMG_1249.JPG

And we all had great races!  Nate even got 2nd overall and I got first female!  There were 148 total finishers!IMG_1260.JPG

We changed our clothes and headed to the pool!  I think Ellie is pretending to break the finish line tape like me 😉  FullSizeRender-2.jpg

The water felt perfect!  We even got to swim some laps in between playing!  IMG_1278.JPG

Then we had an awesome cook out with family and the kids somehow managed to stay awake to see fireworks!!IMG_1307.JPG





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