Summer is speeding by!

Summer is seriously SPEEDING by!

We started with a perfect beach vacation…edited_IMG_1604.jpg

Which of course included lots of working out!IMG_6859.JPG

Then we celebrated MY birthday!  31 years old and 31 miles (24 mile bike, 6 mile run, 1 mile swim)!  bday.png

Working out/being healthy is a big part of my life and my family.  I do it to feel my best at the start…IMG_6164

and finish! IMG_0528I am currently training for a couple triathlons in the near future and then Boston this Spring!  I love to keep improving.  I honestly feel like cross training is KEY!  I am stronger than ever and that makes me feel better!  If you would like to join my next group, STRONGER THIS SUMMER, where we will focus on improving YOU… fill out the application below!



Almost Summer

Today was little Ellie’s last day of her first year of Preschool!  We walked this cutie to school!IMG_3511.jpeg

Then played and played after school… we both can’t believe it’s over!  We came home and whipped up this delicious avocado apple dip!  Yum… my sweet tooth tells me to never make guacamole again and instead ALWAYS have this!  AVOCADO APPLE DIP.jpg

I know Ellie will miss school this summer… but we have a fun summer planned and the BEACH in 16 days!  A couple people have asked if I will still be “running” my monthly group… and the answer is YES!  One of the best things about being a Beachbody Coach is that I can do it from anywhere there is wifi!Image-1-1

We share motivation, workouts, meal plans, tips, recipes, and more!  If you are interested in joining fill out the form below and I will get you signed up!


Super Friday and Saturday


It is so inspiring to listen to so many different types of people that are extremely successful in this business.  I’ve known this before, but the truth is it comes down to how much you want it and how much you want to work for it. But the bottom line… anyone can do it.

It all depends on your WHY.  My why is very strong (and I’m working for it)!  To me, it is so important to stay home with my kids.  My heart is with them and I work for us.IMG_3904.jpeg

They know what I do (and sometimes share it with their little friends) HAHA!  When they nap I get a lot of work done… most days.  Some days I don’t and instead cuddle the baby, put all of the weapons on the ninja turtles, or clean up the never-ending mess.  The best part?  That’s ok!  I can fit my work in later at night or even the next morning.  I am motivated and committed.

I am looking for more people to join my team.  You don’t have to be just like me but you have to have a WHY.  Why do you want this?  If you have a why and are interested in joining me fill out the application below.

Interested in becoming a Team Beachbody Coach?

Please complete this coach application to be considered for a spot in one of the top teams in Beachbody.  By completing this application, you are being considered for a spot on my team and as a member in my coach apprenticeship program.

What is a Challenge Group?

I “run” a group every month…  IMG_0421 (1).jpg

They are all a little different but in each group we share…

  • workouts (whether it is doing a DVD workout, running, walking, biking…).


  •  inspiration and motivation (knowing there are others doing the same thing is motivating)!


  •  meal plans (we all make one that works for us)!  Plus, we share tips and recipes… who couldn’t use more of this!

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 4.20.18 PM.png

  • and most of all we are there for each other for support and accountability!

I LOVE these groups because we have fun!  There really is power in numbers!

Here are a few things shared in my recent groups:

“A year ago, before I started my clean eating with the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology, I would have needed this size shirt, but now, I think I will shrink it, and that’s a good thing!”

” I will be keeping this up!! I ate great this week. Did not cheat even once. I exercised daily, still need to increase my water intake, and I lost 4 lbs!!! Thanks for the inspiration!”

“I feel better in every way now- I sleep better, my clothes feel better, and I’m happier!”

“I am actually saving money by drinking Shakeology and I’ve never been healthier!  It’s a WIN/WIN!”

If you would like to join my upcoming group or find out more information… fill out the form below!


Beachbody Workouts

IMG_4173.JPGEllie and I snuggled up to watch an episode of Dora and Friends today and when it ended our Cable “On Demand” returned to the welcome screen, featuring a 25 minute Plyometric workout.  I thought, why not check it out?  (El was up for it too!)

The program started and the first thing I noticed was the audio quality was very poor.  I don’t know if they had microphones under their workout clothes, but it was very hard to hear the instructions (especially when they turned their head).

I also had a hard time getting excited with the strange music they had playing.  It was quickly becoming evident that this was a very low-budget production.  At first I thought, well, what should i have expected?  It’s free, right?

But is it really free?  Our cable bill is outragreous, and we’ve even considered “cutting the cord” and just streaming our TV (Netflix, Amazon Prime, VUDU, etc).  At least some of our money is going towards programming like this workout.

I continued the workout for about 12 minutes.  None of the moves were new to me or fun to do.  It was very generic, boring, and painful (but not the good kind of pain)!  I love working out, but I could NOT keep going with this (and neither could Ellie)!  I went downstairs and turned on Hammer & Chisel.  What relief!  Music, motivating leaders, great moves…I can’t put into words how much better it was, in every way possible!

Once you’ve tried Beachbody workouts, you can’t go back to generic ones!  The same is true for Shakeology! 🙂

If you’re interested in trying a workout program and/or shakeology… fill out the form below!  I also run groups where we all do the workouts and share!

Hammer and Chisel- Week 5

It was a GREAT week!  Even though when looking at the plan below you may think that there are a lot of “off” days, I was working pretty hard on the other days.  Plus, sometimes we just need a little more rest!  Running week 5.png

I can tell you that I am definitely sore (which is a good indicator that I’m working hard)!  I do enjoy every moment 🙂  IMG_0909.jpg

At the end of the week… I had the opportunity to attend my first Beachbody events.  They were fun, motivational, informative and complete with live workouts!  IMG_9474.jpeg

I have my meal plan made to start off today.  Now time to do some grocery shopping and my Hammer and Chisel workout!  I’m ready to make this a great week! Meal Plan week 6.png

If you are interested in learning more about the workouts or nutrition… I would love to help.  These have been life changing for me and can be for you too!  Fill out a few questions below to help me know a little about you!



30 Day Plank Challenge

Plankmas.jpgPlanking is an awesome total body exercise!  I decided to use my Like Page on Facebook to share my 30 day Challenge every day this December!  IMG_9378 (1).jpgI can tell you that when I started I thought 20 seconds was too short!  But, by day 18 it felt TOUGH.  After day 21 I HAD to switch up my planking style and move around a little to stay up.  I did stay up though!

Basic Plank.jpg

Plank Raised.jpg








I feel SO happy that I made it to 5 minutes!  plankend.png

This is not the end of Planking for me!  I want to keep going and be able to do a basic plank for the entire 5 minutes.  I believe I can!IMG_0368.jpg

Fill out the form below to join one of my upcoming groups!  Trust me… it is so much easier to do hard things with others there for support!