Uninjured and Unaffected – Runner’s Knee Injuries

Post One – “Runner’s Knee”

I’m going to start posting semi-frequently about dealing with some of my past injury experiences and also some things that I believe will prevent them from happening again.

This might be one of the worst running problems out there.  “Runner’s Knee” is inflammation of the cartilage behind the kneecap.  I have known many runners who were sidelined for a long time by this including my husband, my mother, many of my high school and college teammates, and of course, myself!

During my entire senior year of high school my knee was injured due to overuse. I wanted so badly to run and compete I literally ran until I was limping. As a captain on the team I wanted to finish every workout, and I was so disappointed I wasn’t able to.  I was on the fence about running Cross Country in college, but after missing so much of my senior Cross Country season I really wanted to do it.FullSizeRenderMore recently, both my husband and my mom were struggling with knee pain.  They shared with each other what they thought were the best knee braces, best supplements, and best ways to reduce pain (My mom wore bands under her kneecaps while she ran, and my husband preferred to wrap his knees with Ace bandages after he ran.  They both took Glucosamine tablets to try to strengthen their joints, and they both used icepacks to reduce swelling).

This continued for both of them for at least 2 years.  Some periods of time were worse than others, but they couldn’t seem to get back to 100%.  Then, earlier this year they started to strengthen and cross-train with Beachbody DVDs.  My mom started with the 21 Day Fix and then started to mix in some PIYO workouts.  My husband uses Body Beast, PIYO, T25, and P90X.  They both thought their knees were only going to get worse, but now they are on the mend and feeling great!

It’s simple: Their new workouts not only strengthened their knees, but also their upper legs, core, hips, and more.  Strengthening their bodies takes additional pressure off of their knees!  They’ve only been at this for a few months, which is an incredibly short time for such great results.  I remember my husband complaining not too long ago that he thought he would need surgery soon…now he’s running farther and faster without nearly as much pain!

IMG_5126When I was in high school I feel like I could have recovered from my injury much faster if I had these DVD workouts! I spent a ton of time in physical therapy, which did help strengthen my legs… but I can’t help but think if I was stronger back then that I wouldn’t have even gotten injured at all! It ended up talking me an entire year to fully recover and I missed out on so much during that time.

If you want more information about Runners Knee check out this great article from Runner’s World Magazine: