North Park Triathlon

I have done this triathlon more than a handful of times but this time it was so much different!  It was a complete Tri weekend… Denny participated in the Kids Triathlon for the first time on Saturday!

We practiced and trained for at least a month before.  When I first signed him up, I thought he would be using training wheels for the bike.  I was so excited that in just 2 weeks he learned to ride without training wheels AND improved at swimming!  He started to love biking… Nate would sometimes even draft off of him 😉IMG_1751.JPG

The 7 year olds swam 50 meters, biked 1.5 miles, and ran 0.5 miles.  He did SO awesome!  He took it seriously and had a lot of fun!  IMG_1847.JPG

I love watching him (and all of the kids)!  It is very motivating!  I think it’s also awesome that so many of my family members volunteered to make this event so great!  Here is the “hot corner” where my mom directed the bikers and runners!  IMG_1802.JPG

Sunday morning I actually felt more relaxed than usual before a race and felt like I really enjoyed it!  I didn’t get many pictures but I did feel great!  My time was 1:23:04 which was very similar to last year… and almost exactly one hour longer than Denny’s race!  🙂

Here I am happy to finish the bike (my least favorite part) and start the run (my favorite)!

The kids cheered us on with a bunch of my family!  FullSizeRender.jpg

Nate got 2nd in his age group and I got first in mine!  IMG_1865.JPG

Then… as if this wasn’t a good enough day, we went to Kennywood to ride every ride that we can’t go on with the kids!  We had so much fun and were definitely tired when we went to bed!  IMG_1870.JPG




Butler YMCA Sprint Triathlon

One of my brothers texted to let us know he was going to do this Tri… so my sister and I quickly signed up too!  I love doing races especially with family and friends! IMG_9681.JPG

I get super excited that this race is an open water swim (even if it is only 400 meters)!  The fact that it is open water seems exciting, even though I had a hard time getting into a good rhythm.  My swim was over in 6:21 (too short!) 🙂  IMG_9689.JPG

Then the bike was VERY hilly!  I feel that I need to use my brakes on the downhills more then most racers do 😉 but the 7 miles went by really fast!  My bike time was 29:52.IMG_9703.JPG

Before I knew it… I was running my bike back to the transition area!  IMG_9732.JPG

I took a Huma gel and a quick drink (while running) to give me some energy for the 3.2 mile run!  IMG_9734.JPG

I felt (mostly) great on the run!  My run time was 23:47.  IMG_9760.JPG

My total time was 1:02:27.  This was almost my exact same time as last year!

It actually felt like we were racing together because my sister and I were in the 2nd heat and my brother was in the 4th heat.  He caught me and passed me halfway through the run!     IMG_9776.JPG

They both got 2nd place overall and I got first in my age group!  FullSizeRender-1.jpg

I’m thankful for these goofballs too!  They were able to cheer me on, take lots of pictures, AND fight with sticks! 🙂  IMG_1335.JPG

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and playing!  It was a great day!   FullSizeRender-2.jpg

Happy Valley Sprint Triathlon

My mom, sister, and I left Saturday afternoon for a fun road trip to Penn State University.  IMG_1133.JPG

We stayed with my cousin and then also met up with my Aunt and Uncle who did the Tri too!  We had a lot of fun exploring… IMG_1136.JPG

And of course racing!  We got to watch my mom swim and no matter if she is running, biking, or swimming she always looks like she is having a good time 🙂  IMG_1173.JPG

My sister and I were in the same heat so we got to hang out a little while and start together!  FullSizeRender.jpg

There were times that felt hard (& hot)… but that just means it was a good race 😉  I was sure happy to see that finish line!  IMG_1185.JPG

I did the swim (750 meters) in 14:52, the bike (12 miles) in 45:25, and the run (5k) in 24:06.   My overall time was 1:27:51… which includes the transition times that felt like a lot of running barefoot and then running with my bike!  It was a great race and it shows because everyone in my family did awesome!

We all celebrated with an awesome brunch at the Waffle Shop AND going to the creamery to bring some home!!  IMG_1190.JPG

These 3 were sure happy to see me and the ice cream!! 🙂  IMG_1194.jpg


North Park Triathlon

Ok, I’ll admit that today I thought, “Why am I waking up before 5am?  Why am I getting into cold water at 7am?  Why am I going scary fast on the bike?  Why am I running when my legs are tired?”  Once I got these negative thoughts out of my head… I had the best day, felt great, and I already want to do it again!


I have done this same triathlon in high school, college, after one baby, after two babies, and now after three babies!  I am so happy to say that today, 3 babies later, I got my PR time of 1:18:27!  That is almost 9 minutes faster than the last time I did it, two years ago!  I got first in my age group… I am liking my new age more and more! (proudly sporting age “30” on my leg!) I was 6th woman overall and 31st out of 230 finishers.
Everything went really well for me today.  I was out of breath pretty much the entire race, but I still felt great!  I ended up swimming faster than all of my practice times.  My actual swim (not including transition) for 700 meters was 12:55.


Then I transitioned from the swim and started biking at 15:24.


I felt great on the bike and tried to really push it!  My bike time was 39:44 (including transition) for 12.5 miles.IMG_1444

After biking, I was about to start my run and my current favorite song (Fight Song) came on the loudspeakers!  I really don’t know if I’ve ever been more pumped… My legs didn’t even feel like I had just biked!  Haha… and my run went great!


I felt strong with a time of 23:20.  I’ve done this Tri a handful of times but I’ve NEVER felt good on the run until now!  It also helped that I passed a bunch of people on the trail!  IMG_1482

I love it when my husband and kids can come to watch!  And when some of my family does the race too!  My sister and brother got age group awards also!



I know I say this a lot but I am so much stronger now!  This is the first time in my life that I am consistently lifting (my DVD workouts) and it shows!  Being stronger is awesome… I feel great while doing really hard things!